Monday, April 9, 2012

Je t'aime Paris!

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast".  -Ernest Hemingway

Ahhhh, Paris.  I miss you my friend. 

I haven't had the privilege of ever living in the "City of Lights", but having visited just one time, it sure does stay with you.
A year later, I am still in disbelief that I ever got to go. I was digging around some old photo files and found these pictures of our 10 days in Paris in March last year.

I realize that I run the risk of boring you with my 'Remember When..." slideshow, but these are selfishly more for me than you.  I want to go back. I want to remember what it was like to feel out of my element but yet so right at home. I want to stretch myself again in all different ways that I didn't even know I could be stretched. (ie. traveling on the metro all my by lonesome and putting my 4 years of highschool French to good use (?).) I want to eat Nutella Crepes every night and not feel guilty.  ( I do still eat them all the time, but I feel oooohhh soooo guilty about it).  I want to sip really good red wine and eat foods that I can't pronounce.  I want to ride a bike along the tree lined path at the Palace of Versailles.

 I want to enjoy life like I did in Paris-where every day felt like an adventure and to walk 10 miles didn't feel laborious but freeing. I want to stroll through a flea market and see ornate and beautiful things that aren't reproductions from World Market.

I want to stroll down the side streets-not just the farmer's market to see fresh flowers in bloom.
I want to be amazed by the sights, smells and sounds again.

I want to sit on the steps of the Sacre Coeur and cry because I'm so awestruck by the vastness and beauty of our world.

I want to walk along the Champs-Elysees and people watch.  I want to tour the Louvre and glimpse the Mona Lisa again.

I want to see young couples on the subway holding hands, kissing, hugging and whispering "Je t'aime" in French. I want to be one of them just for a minute or two. (No offense, honey).
I want to get lost in the city of lights and love and not even remotely care if I find my way back to the hotel.  I want to walk on a random cobblestone street and look up and see ivy in the shape of a heart winding around a window.
I want to return to the place where I first discovered that my world wasn't just a 20 mile radius from my address.  I want to touch, taste and test it all out over and over again but I am realistically reminded as with many other unfulfilled wishes and dreams..."Someday maybe....but someday isn't today".  In the meantime, I will treasure the pictures and memories and "remember when".
Je'taime Paris!  You are in my heart forever!


CherieO said...

I admit I am SHOCKED that traveling has gotten into your blood. I never thought I'd see the day where you pined your overseas vacation as opposed to anticipating your 'polar dip' Memorial Day pool opening! You are a LeBlanc, however, so it shouldn't be surprising. Know that you can enjoy those memories forever, because your words and photos instantly brought me back 10 years ago to our trip there, and we are still planning a revisit. Je t'aime Paris, aussi, ma soeur!

The Changing Room said...

Oh sis. You warned me. I didn't believe you until I saw it with my own stubborn eyes. I'm hooked. Next stop....London? The Boeve travel curse has lifted. We are officially safe to leave Zeeland now. Care to join someday?

CherieO said...

Of course! We would never turn down a chance to travel with you guys. Las Vegas? :-) JK!

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