Sunday, February 5, 2012

Projects, Paint Swatches, Pottery Barn and Patriots

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.  I've been blessed to be busy with lots of new clients and projects since mid January. So much so that I can't seem to find time work on any of my own home projects, which seems to suit my husband just fine. I'm anxious to start working on my youngest daughter's bedroom remodel which she's been asking for as a 12th birthday gift (in March).  We are only in the brainstorming portion of the project but we're having fun dreaming about the possibilities.
In the meantime, I've been finding some satisfaction in completing some of your wish lists and making some fun things to bring to my booth at Not So Shabby. One of my clients saw that Ken and I had taken old antique doors and added old barn wood to them to use for display shelves in our booth at the store. (Thanks to JB & Me for the inspiration). She is going to use the bottom shelves as a vanity for her makeup and the top shelves for scarves and other things in her master bedroom. If you saw her and her sense of style, you would know that this whole door is going to be a piece of art holding her baubles and bling! She's the same one who bought a retrofitted china cabinet at my tag sale to hold her shoe and boot collection. Genious! 
I made these large wooden dominos from an old 'header' beam that we had in our basement. Ken cut and sanded them and I painted them with creamy white paint, stenciled dots and distressed them. They're for sale in my booth right now and look best displayed in groups of three but even one would look great in a bookshelf with some other quirky treasures.
I've had people ask about these growth chart rulers for quite some time now. I finally got around to putting a few together. Brought two to the booth, and the dark one already sold. I'll be making more, but if you'd like to order one, let me know. They're $55.

You've seen this before. "LOVE" -new and improved. Two left. Get 'em before they're gone!

This is a new design. Those of you that have seen my business card, know that this sign/look is near and dear to my heart.  This is made of wood and any name or saying can be stenciled on each color swatch.  These are actual paint names from Benjamin Moore's fan deck of paints-(not the actual colors).:) I thought this one would be cute in a baby's nursery.

The sign to the right is actually an Irish Toast that I had heard somewhere a few years ago.  I have been wanting to make this sign for my own house for a while now.  It's a good reminder to me to find contentment during those times I find myself comparing the size of my house to others' or the times I'm frustrated that I can't entertain/host large crowds and gatherings like I could in the larger homes we owned. This sign is for sale at my booth, but a similar one hangs in my own living room as the daily prayer of my heart.
I wanted to show you a dining room of a new client of mine. I can't take credit for any part of the design.  She actually hired me to help her out with some other rooms in her house, but after she showed me this room, I asked her what on earth I was needed for! :)  Some of you have such great talent and many times I ask that question of you..."What do you need me for?" Most of the time the answer is, "I just need reassurance". Or "I just need a fresh eye".  Or "I'm not sure if it will all flow".  Or "I just needed another opinion".  Of course, I'm always happy to be just that...your fresh eye, your reassurance, your cheerleader, your honest girlfriend.  I won't lead you astray. I promise. In the meantime, thanks for letting me in on your ideas and projects. Enjoy this rustic dining room. Most pieces are from Pottery Barn.

Isn't that great? I'm not a rustic kind of gal, but even I love how this looks and feels!
Oh and one more thing....some of you asked about where I found the furniture and accessories that I posted in my last blog entry.  Sorry I can't go back without a lot of formatting headaches...(and the Superbowl is about to start), so I'll take the easy way out right now and say that here are my favorite sources, and  where most of those items came from....

World Market in Grandville
Talsma Furniture in Holland/Jenison
Hobby Lobby-(for fabrics too)
Pier One
Joanne's Fabric in Holland/G.R.
Field's Fabric in Holland
Marshall's in Grandville
TJ Maxx in Holland/G.R. Centerpointe Mall

Those are my latest "go-to" spots.  Next time I'll post the source with the item. Thanks for your inquiries!  Now, go Patriots! (Like I care...)


lauren n. said...

I LOVE IT, CHRISTY!!!! I Cannot wait to pick it up!!! Now, I am dying to get it into my room. :) You and Ken did an amazing job making this door exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you and I will come by this week sometime to get it. Looks like I need to make a trip over to your booth too. :) Thanks again. You rock! xoxo

The Changing Room said...

You are so welcome Lauren! Thanks for the order and your continued support of my business from the very first tag sale way back at Greystone. Let me know if you need help with pickup.

Anonymous said...

Christy, could you tell me where the fabric was from with the brown background and big white and blue flowers? Or is it a piece of furniture? Thanks!

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