Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lead me not into temptation. I already know the way there.

I vowed I wouldn't do it.  I stayed away as long as I could. I really did. I was warned about the addictive quality of it all, the alluring pull that it has, the obsessive compulsive behavior it could provoke, but I caved anyway.  I signed up for Pinterest.

I logged on. I lusted. I pinned. I drooled a little. I pinned. I followed all of your boards. I repinned most of them. I cringed because you knew. I lusted some more. I pinned, and pinned and pinned. I pinned so much that my eyes starting crossing, but I still kept searching and finding and pinning.

I couldn't keep my excitement to myself. I called my 'bestie' to get her involved in the fun. She told me she had already had an account and didn't really see the novelty of it, but she'd give it another whirl.

(Oh it's so much fun to drag someone else down with you, isn't it)? Fast and furious, with reckless abandon we pinned. In an hour's time,  We redecorated our living rooms, put in lushly landscaped pools, added cathedral ceilings, pulled together catwalk- worthy outfits, created recipes that made Rachel Ray jealous, constructed mason jar soap dispensers and oh so much more.

And then we stepped away from our computers and stepped back into our lives. 

She called me the next morning -both of us with Pinterest "hangovers" and  said: 
 "I want a Pinterest-y life. Not the life I have, but the life I created on Pinterest, where everything is quirky and quippy and trendy. A life that can be summed up in a cute little quote, neatly packaged together and perfect".

And I told her, "So do that why it felt a little disappointing to wake up today in my chipped up, fingerprinted, lived in, well-worn bungalow that smells like antique furniture and dog pee?"
And she said, "Pinterest might not be good for people like me and you".
I politely agreed.

Here's my "Pinterest-y" life....

Here's my actual Life:

It ain't pretty kids.
I think what is so appealing about Pinterest to me is that it so opposite of my own life.  I tried making those yogurt dipped strawberries that looked like they were covered in white chocolate and they turned out mushy and mealy.  I tried staining an old skid pallet to use as a headboard and my esophogus is burning today.

 I tried to make a twin bed out of an industrial crate on wheels...wait, I didn't try that yet, but I really want to. Does that count? I'm halfway there.

You get the idea. My Pinterest Life and my real life are two very different things.  Don't get me wrong...I love Pinterest. I really love all things Pinterest. But sometimes therein lies the problem.  I love all the ideas,  dream homes, recipes, outfits, hairstyles, cars, boats, quotes, etc. that at times I walk away from Pinterest discontent with my un-quirky, un-quippy, un-trendy life.
I once read this quote somewhere and I've had to remind myself of it many times in my 40 some years on this Earth...

"A perfectionist is someone who takes great pains...and then passes them on to others".

I'm not swearing off Pinterest for good. In fact, after seeing the posted pictures of the mess in my cupboards and bedrooms, Pinterest can really motivate me to dig in and organize.  I'll be looking for that motivation as I think about gearing up to spring clean in the next few weeks.  As with all things in life, moderation is key. Something that hasn't been my strongsuit in the past. I will bravely log back on to 'sinterest', (I mean Pinterest) and find all kinds of ways to make my life more interesting, beautiful and fun. And then I'll walk away from the computer,  give myself a reality check and know that these things aren't just found on a popular website, but they're found inside of me.

Happy Pinning!!


Jenny Burman said...

I love it!!! I love the honesty! Because you are sooo not alone:) I love my pinterest life, but I also love my unpacked boxes after being in our house for 5 months. It's a give and take:)

HeBGB said...

Dear Ms. R4change-

Do remember to compare apples to apples rather than your worst (junk drawers and junk food) to Pin's best. Perhaps when your family was eating Clancy's Snack Mix you were also engaged in jovial banter rather than shushing your offspring while you Pinterested your way through another virtual day ignoring the true gifts in your life (your people). Thank you for being real. It is refreshing!

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