Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Buckets

I've blogged about these galvanized mini buckets before.  I bought them at a neighborhood garage sale this past summer from a girl who had purchased them for her wedding that never happened. Whoopsie!
She reassured me that she wasn't heartbroken over it and that it really was okay that I viewed her loss as my gain.  (She had some great hanging paper laterns that I bought as well)!
I loaned them out to another bride recently, but other than that, I've been wondering what to do with them.  Inspiration came to me through Pottery Barn's catalog .

Bucket & Branch Advent Calender
I loved this look and had wanted to make these for my sale this year, but ran out of time.  I modified the design a little and ended up taking the easy way out. Instead of stenciling the numbers on the side, I cut up some vintage bingo cards that I bought for $1 and labeled each bucket with those and a Christmas tag, (another garage sale find this summer).

I hole punched each number and attached it by the ribbon that came with the Christmas tags.

I'd like to take credit for these, but found them all for $5.00.  I think there were 150 tags in all. 

My girls, mostly Brecken...(Kennedy thinks she's too old for this foolishness, unless there's candy involved), love to come home from school and take the tiny treasures out of the bucket for the day.  I filled them with little Christmas necklaces, jingle bells bracelets, ornaments, candy canes, gum, etc. 

Day 4 today and the countdown continues. Merry Early Christmas!  Stay tuned for more holiday merriment!


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