Monday, February 8, 2010

New Life for an Old Table

My friend Debbi called last Tuesday in need of a house project to work on.  She has loved her red dining room walls for 10 years and was wanting a change.  I came over that afternoon with some paint choices for her, and by the next day she had her walls repainted a dark putty color.  I also talked her into painting over her oak dining table that she got as a wedding gift 19 years ago, (sorry Nancy)!  We still have some wall art to hang and an area rug to purchase, but by Superbowl Sunday the same week, she had a new dining room!
Below is an after shot of just the table. The wall color doesn't show's on the two walls adjacent to this. She still loved the red in her custom sewn drapes so we kept those. She wasn't ready to give up the red altogether.

   Here is a pic. of the new wall color and the newly painted table.


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